About Us

The Cast

Jeremy Johnson {Keeper}

An old-school TTRPG gamer since the 80's, Jeremy is also a writer of dark fiction, an amateur filmmaker, a WebMaster, and homebrewer of weird beers. Learn more at JeremyHub.com and find Jeremy on Twitter @lovecrafttapes

Bryan Johnson {Investigator}

Bryan is Jeremy's "little" brother and partner in filmmaking crime, starring in or providing FX for their homegrown horror movies. Find Bryan on Twitter @bryanpodcasts

Characters: Pippa, Jack, Hubert, Samantha

  • Cases 1-current

Matt Zielesch {Investigator}

Matt is a hardcore gamer with a penchant for upgrading his video card every 30 days and listening to ASMR podcasts during his REM cycle. Find Matt on Twitter @therealweirdkid

Characters: Rocky, d3t0x, Dan

  • Cases 1-current

Gabe D'Ascenzo {Investigator}

Gabe likes tabletop games and Enya albums that feature harps, but he probably loves Booberry more than anyone else on planet Earth. Find Gabe on Twitter @lovecraftgabe

Characters: Roy, Aaron

  • Cases 4-current

George Gallagher {Retired Investigator}

Emmy award winner (it's true, look it up) George enjoys long walks on the beach, flying drones over enemy skies, and very weird varieties of soda pop.

Characters: Charles/Chuck (mysteriously disappeared)

  • Cases 1-3

Supporting peeps

Justin Leveque

Master artist and creator of our logo, Justin also helped beta-test the podcast. Find him on Twitter @justinleveque

Simon Gumble

Expert doodler and oh-so-talented fan artist of our case-by-case designs. Find Simon on Instagram @stag47

Chris Parker

Writer and rabid hobbyist, Chris composed our theme song “Listen, if you dare…” and guest starred in "The Strange Case of Louis Cypher". Find Chris on Twitter @iswingabitmore

Brittany Davis

Our world-famous Keeper for "Horror On The Greens" and all-around cool kid. Find Britt on Twitter @naiadnaturalist

Sade Edwards

UI/UX designer by day, digital illustrator by night, Sade is a recording talent for The Lovelycraftians podcast. Check her out at sadeaedwards.me or on Instagram at @sadeambyrebel

Zachary Harley

Our first Old One patreon supporter! Guest star on "The Cellar" and plays Carl Kolchak Jr. in Case 9: Leapfrog