Case 3

Returning home

This case is based upon "The Scarecrow" by Michael LaBossiere

Case 3 Tape 1: Future Shock

Charles finds out the hard way that reality is not what it seems, and he’s not particularly happy about it...


Case 3 Tape 2: Checking In

Our investigators prepare for a long, relaxing week on an island in Deerfield, New Hampshire...


Case 3 Tape 3: Deep Tissue Massage

Charles seems afraid of a free spa pass at the Contented Cow...


Case 3 Tape 4: Storm Of The Century

The weather turns nasty, transforming the idyllic landscape into a nightmare realm...


Case 3 Tape 5: The Cow Of Discontent

Samantha attempts to help Mr. Perfory keep the other guests from freaking out during the storm...


Case 3 Tape 6: Choose Your Own Nightmare

The storm continues to pound down while everyone starts to go a little crazy...


Case 3 Tape 7: Requiem For A Blaine

Our hapless investigators attempt to hole up in the mechanical room but are soon faced with unknowable dangers...