Case 15


Original scenario written by Jeremy (map)

Case 15 Tape 1: Prologue

Jennifer Olmos heads home after a long school year of teaching in Las Cruces, California, but though she's looking forward to a summer-long sabbatical, the night may have other plans for her...

Case 15 Tape 2: Ringworm Around The Rosie

Summer vacation for three teenage friends begins quietly enough in Las Cruces, California, though the calm morning routine is soon disturbed by unexpected happenstance...

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Case 15 Tape 3: These Moose Antlers Don’t Fit

The first day of summer vacation begins, and ends, with a bang as our Investigators experience their first brush with inexplicable phenomena in Las Cruces...

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Case 15 Tape 4: Beware A Destroying Angel

Sunday dawns on the First Christian Church of God in Las Cruces, where our Investigators attend a sermon that seems to mirror some of the events of the previous day...

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Case 15 Tape 5: A Big Slice Of Poison Pie

To those who pay attention to peculiar circumstances in the world, formerly hidden cracks widen to reveal mysteries better left unseen...

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Case 15 Tape 6: Speaking In Earth Tongues

While nighttime festers with unknowable terrors in the witching hour that we can shrug off as products of our imagination, it is often the undeniable daylit horror which shakes our sanity beyond repair...

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Case 15 Tape 7: A Dead Man's Fingers

There arrives a moment in everyone's lives when innocence is shattered forever and reality rushes in to fill the void left behind...

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Case 15 Tape 8: Follow The Swamp Beacon

Trust is a tough commodity to come by, even in the best of times, but when you're no longer sure who's who anymore, trust can dissipate like so many mushroom spores on a drifting breeze...

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Case 15 Tape 9: Stalking The Panther

Heroes aren't born, they are forged in the fires of adversity, courageous personalities who step up to meet a challenge few others would dare face...

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Case 15 Tape 10: Pulling A Black Tooth

When adulthood is suddenly thrust upon us, our previous reality of birthday cakes, Saturday morning TV and comic book action figures is soon replaced with crushing responsibility, fear of mortality and the lingering effects of loss...

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Case 15 Tape 11: The Earth Stars Are Right

Time, and tears, eventually wipe the slate clean for all of us, so we may forge a new path forward, because we can never go back to who we were...

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Case 15 Tape 12: Epilogue

Pastor Nancy attends to her flock, even as something grows in a dark corner of the church, challenging her faith and demanding her undivided attention...

Case 15 Tape 13: Q + A

Our cast members assemble to answer listener questions about the recent case and spoil plot details...