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Jeremy, the creator of The Lovecraft Tapes, also writes dark fantasy and horror fiction you can find at DriveThruFiction...

Euphorbia helioscopia and other dark fantasy

Bumps in the night...screams from the darkness...a gasp before dying. These are the uneasy signals of a world beyond. Author Jeremy E. Johnson plumbs unfamiliar territory to explore stories of madness, violence, and supernatural oddities in his new collection. Culled from nearly two decades of material, this anthology contains tales of mystery and suspense.

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sheila helsing: demon-huntress

Sheila Helsing is haunted by the demons of her past, present, and future...only, these demons are real. Embittered by the murder of her mother, Sheila follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, Armond Helsing, in a vengeance-quest to extinguish every last demonic creature who has found its way from the Abyss into our world.But not everything is as it seems.Using a volatile admixture of religion and firepower, Sheila embarks upon her greatest adventure of self-discovery. Will she find the demon responsible for her mother's murder? Will she pay the bills on time? Only time and space will tell...

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I am Jeremy, your Keeper of Arcane Lore, and tonight I'm going to read scary fiction for you! Listener discretion is advised. The stories I read and write will often contain extreme horror, violence, language and other adult themes. Watch and listen at your own risk. Do you write horror stories? Contact me directly if you'd like to hear your short fiction narrated too.

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