Case 2

dark angeles

This case is based on "L.A. Diabolical" by Brian Courtemanche, published in Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Case 2 Tape 1: Prologue

Time has changed the HIAA investigators somewhat, but they’re still up for a good paying gig...


Case 2 Tape 2: The State Of The Secretary

The investigators resume their search for Stan Brophy, visiting his secretary in the hopes of uncovering clues to his whereabouts...


Case 2 Tape 3: Going Down, Mister Williams?

After concluding their investigation of the elevator, the members of HIAA decide to sneak around the missing agent’s house...


Case 2 Tape 4: Fly By Night

Sam discovers a flyer about the Church of Night and the investigators plan to attend the Friday midnight gathering...


Case 2 Tape 5: A Snake Licks Its Lips

As the search for Sam Brophy continues, the investigators attempt to infiltrate the Church of Night for any clues...


Case 2 Tape 6: Like A Bat Outta Hell

Sam mingles with the occultists while Chuck pretends to drink booze and chats up the underage naked girl from Oklahoma...


Case 2 Tape 7: Shoots & Ladders

When things get weird at the La Brea Tar Pits, the investigators decide their best bet is to spy on Jeanne Saint Jayne...


Case 2 Tape 8: The Death Of Chuck Blaine

Chuck learns the danger of pushing a roll...