Case 14


This scenario is original content written by Jeremy

Case 14 Tape 1: Prologue

After the events in the abandoned tunnel system beneath the streets of Manhattan, our hapless heroes wish nothing more than to lick their wounds and mourn their dead...

Case 14 Tape 2: In The Master's Chambers

That's for me to know and you to find out...

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Case 14 Tape 3: Creeping Up The Blind Side

Happy days are here again when our Investigators of the Unknown are reunited in the tunnels and are given a new mystery to solve...

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Case 14 Tape 4: One Foot On The Platform

Rocky and Pippa find out that knowledge can be a powerful tool or a painful hindrance, and memory plays nasty tricks on the waking conscious mind...

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Case 14 Tape 5: Inside La Casa

The past is ever-present, an inescapable reality bent by time and memory, but far from toothless and perhaps even more dangerous...

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Case 14 Tape 6: The Wind Appeared

In the wilds of Wisconsin, our Investigators gather to have a heart-to-heart talk that is long overdue...

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