Case 16


Original scenario written by Jeremy (map)

Case 16 Tape 1: Prologue

Josie spends a long night babysitting at the Miller's house, wondering what the future might bring, but her romantic reverie is broken by a mysterious phone call...

Case 16 Tape 2: Finagling Penanggalan

In order to put the past behind, sometimes we have to change scenery before we can push forward into the future...

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Case 16 Tape 3: Strigoi Meets World

Making new friends can be a daunting prospect, especially when you're recovering from a traumatic event in completely new surroundings, and you're not exactly sure who to trust yet...

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Case 16 Tape 4: Sou Sou Soucoyant

Ghost stories have been told around campfires since the discovery of flame, in one form or another, as a means to ward off fear of what might be lurking at the threshold of darkness and a way to illuminate ignorance of an uncertain future...

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Case 16 Tape 5: Little Old Asema From Pasadena

Every teenager must pass through the painful gauntlet of puberty, a necessary but sometimes confusing rite of passage, where new emotions alter a previously unshakeable perspective of the world, clouding judgment yet opening new vistas through which to view the universe...

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Case 16 Tape 6: Win Some, Asanbosam

Not everything is always what it seems on the placid surface, and sometimes it takes a keen eye to spy the awful truth which lurks beneath, in the deep...

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